Ten days will be spent camping at different locations along the route. We will also stay at Toolik Field Station, a world-renowned Arctic research station. Guest instructors will discuss Arctic ecology and landscape features in greater detail at key points along the travel route.

The cost of meals, lodging and travel between the field sites is included in the course fee. Students will need to bring all-weather clothing including winter jackets and rubber boots, a warm sleeping bag, and a tent.

Registration begins February 24, 2014. To register, please visit: www.uaf.edu/summer/registration  
Scholarships are available.

To attend the course, international students must apply by March 15, 2014 and meet Summer Sessions’ guidelines for attending school in the United States. Visa and related document fees for entry into the U.S. are the responsibility of the student. Apply here.

For further information, please see:www.uaf.edu/summer/arcticveg