We have been working hard over the summer to figure out better ways to connect with you - our members - and help to keep APECS growing. We are happy to present to you the new Membership and Involvement Committee (MIC)<http://www.apecs.is/leadership/council/mic>. This committee was formally the Organizational Development Committee (ODC) but we have revamped it to narrow down the scope and purpose to primarily focus on networking within the National Committees and with the “Cool” speakers, the mentors, and the members to stimulate new activities.

The APECS Membership and Involvement Committee helps leaders of national committees share experiences, connects with our “Cool” speakers, reviewers, and mentors, and welcomes and encourages new members to develop APECS activities.

To see what we are working on check out the APECS national committees<http://www.apecs.is/national-committees>, mentorship database<http://www.apecs.is/mentors>, and cool speakers<http://www.apecs.is/education-outreach/cool-speakers> list. If you want to know more about the organizations we are working with, join us. We also help the APECS working groups<http://www.apecs.is/workinggroups> to develop new activities and resources for the APECS community.

So, now that APECS has a MIC<http://www.apecs.is/leadership/council/mic>, we need a band and some singers! Join us for some RAC<http://www.apecs.is/leadership/council/rac>-n-Roll and make our network even more awesome than it already is! (RAC stands for the Research Activities Committee<http://www.apecs.is/leadership/council/rac>).

We need people helping us do this! So, please join our committee, pick up the MIC and get the new members to sing along!

Feel free to contact any of us:

Yulia Zaika and Nikolas Sellheim, co-chairs the Membership and Involvement Committee<http://www.apecs.is/leadership/council/mic>

Nikolas Sellheim nikolassellheim@yahoo.de
Yulia Zaika yzaika@inbox.ru