The main task of the GoNorth office is to ensure the implementation of the provisions related to the GoNorth Program set out in the Strategic Plan 2009-2013. Accordingly, the UArctic Member Institutions promote themselves as study destinations for students from the South, based on marketing strategies developed through the GoNorth office. Also, as an IPY legacy the Program actively supports southern institutions to find education partners from the North for further development of their polar research programs. GoNorth also works closely to support the development of the UArctic Catalogue and its content of courses and programs.

To this end, the University of Tromsø as the host of the GoNorth office provides personnel and operational support for effective implementation of the provisions of the Strategic Plan 2009-2013. UArctic  provides budget support and technical assistance for finding new funding sources for further expansion of the GoNorth Program.

The GoNorth Program was developed to help students from all over the world to study at northern higher education institutions. GoNorth together with north2north constitutes the two main mobility programs of UArctic.