The focus of this issue is on the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region (EUSBSR) and the health area of the EUSBSR Action Plan. Ongoing and planned health-related activities within the framework of this area are presented, among them several activities to develop regional projects. The NDPHS, which is the Lead Partner/Coordinator of that area, invites you to join them.

Finally, we include an invitation for the interested stakeholders to attend the NDPHS Seminar on project development and funding, which will bring together project developers and representatives of the donor community, and will aim to foster the implementation of the NDPHS Strategy and the EUSBSR.

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Visit our extended and updated website

We are pleased to announce an extended and updated NDPHS website. It gives account of the recent developments in the NDPHS, among them the above-mentioned reform of the Partnership's expert-level structures. You can now learn of the newly established Expert Groups and Task Groups, and download their documents. Documents of the formerly operating Expert Groups continue to be available in the archive section.

Further, we have included a new website section dedicated to the EUSBSR. It aims to inform the regional stakeholders about the Strategy and encourage them to get involved in its health-related activities. Apart from an introduction of the Strategy, we have also included a number of concrete ideas and proposals for actions aimed to contribute to the implementation of the health related activities of the EUSBSR. You are invited to consider them and announce, through an on-line form, your interest to become involved.

Visit the extended and updated NDPHS website at to keep an eye on health policy developments in the Northern Dimension area!

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