Thumbs up for Iceland in the EU
There are hurdles ahead but Reykjavik was won approval to begin EU membership negotiations. Some in Europe see Iceland as a vital platform for EU involvement in the Arctic region.

Research Group Finds China Preparing For Larger Arctic Role
China is preparing to for emerging commercial and strategic opportunities in the Arctic, according to a new study by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute.

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         • China Moves to Become Major Arctic Player

New Canadian Arctic Shipping Regulation May Make Waves
Canada asserts sovereignty over Northern waters by announcing a registration system for foreign as well as domestic ships.

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         • Alaskans Call For Arctic Shipping Infrastructure 
         • U.S. lawmakers push for deepwater port at entrance to NW Passage

Finnish Government Drafting Arctic Policy
Finland's Prime Minister has apppointed a working group to prepare a report on external relations in the Arctic.

Warm winters affecting Russian reindeer herds
Reindeer in the Kola Peninsula are losing weight as herders wait for the ice to thicken enough for forced migration.

Scientists and Explorers to Test Arctic Ocean CO2 Levels
Two teams are setting off to study CO2 under Arctic ice. The findings are expected to provide insights into acidification and CO2's impacts on ice and microscopic sea life beneath.

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         • Collapsing Arctic ice arches could herald changes in ocean circulation and marine life

In Other News 

         • Russian Firm Plans First Oil Shipment for Northern Sea Route
         • Norway's Plans for Big Oil New Exploration Projects Draw Protests 
         • Environmentalists in Murmansk Fear New Law Will Create Regional Nuclear Dump 
         • Expansion of Red Dog Zinc Mine Appealed 
         • Big Benefits From Small Wind Farm 
         • Polar Bears Young Species That Adapted Rapidly


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