The International Association of Meteorology and Atmospheric Sciences (IAMAS), the International Association for the Physical Sciences of the Oceans (IAPSO), and the International Association for the Cryospheric Sciences (IACS) invite submissions to session J04, "The Contribution of Greenland and Antarctica to Fresh Water Input to the Ocean and Sea Level Change," to be held at the MOCA Joint Assembly, 19-24 July 2009 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Session Description:
Key uncertainties remain regarding the future reaction of climate, ice sheets, and the carbon cycle to anthropogenic greenhouse gas forcing.
Paleoclimatic reconstructions offer a framework against which climate, ice sheet, and carbon cycle models can be tested. This session aims at strengthening the interactions between these various communities.

This session is being convened by: Eric Rignot (IACS), Jonathan Bamber (IAMAS), and Thierry Fichefet (IAPSO).

For further information, including abstract submission guidelines, please go to: