After taking my A-Level, I started my apprenticeship at Deutsche Telekom AG in Berlin, in order to become a Management Assistant in Office Communication. Deutsche Telekom AG is the largest telecommunications company in Germany and the European Union, which is headquartered in Bonn.


One main part of my apprenticeship is to spend and work a certain time abroad to improve my English and to get to know another culture. My absolutely first choice was Finland and I am greatly appreciated to work and live in Rovaniemi. The low population and the natural surrounding makes Rovaniemi to a very nive place to be and for me it is an absolutely different experience of life compared to a big, almost overcrowded city like Berlin.

Here I will spend my Internship for three months, from January 6th to April 7th 2009, at the University of Lapland in the UArctic International Office. 

For my company the highest priority was to give us the best preparation, so first of all we were send to a finnish language course to have an impression of what we have to expect. Several interactive courses followed to be sure that everybody is mental preparated to live in another country. One main event was the visiting of the finnish embassy, which were very interested in our project so we decided to create our own blog. There we report every week about our experiences we have made so far to keep the embassy and our company with all inforamtion up to date.


I am a very open minded person who likes mixing with people and working in a team. Due to this I hope to get to know a lot of new people and impressions of Finland and the daily working life.

My first few days were absolutely great and promising, so I expect more of this and a lot of contact with international relationships and more information about UArctics to make my personal contribution to their goals.