Dr. Peters holds a Canada Research Chair with a very active research program on social and cultural geography of Aboriginal peoples in urban areas, including a strong focus on policy and governance. While her focus has been on Aboriginal people in Canadian cities, she has recently begun comparative
work involving colleagues in the US, New Zealand, and Australia. Opportunities exist for MA or PhD students to study under a variety of well-funded research programs.

Dr. Walker operates a very engaging research program on planning with Aboriginal communities that is funded by CP Rail. He can support two MA or PhD students each year for the next four years under this program and projects are being undertaking in urban, reserve and rural settings. He has funding for an additional MA student under his ongoing SSHRC-funded research on Aboriginal housing in urban areas. Dr. Walker's programs are primarily centred on the Canadian experience but have an international component which may interest some students. In particular, there are opportunities for comparative research with colleagues in New Zealand, Australia, USA (New Mexico and Arizona), or Mexico (Chiapas and Puebla).

Both Peters and Walker work closely with colleagues in the Departments of Native Studies, Political Studies and the Johnson-Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy.

The University of Saskatchewan has become a leading centre for geographical and planning research pertaining to Aboriginal urban communities, both nationally and internationally. Interested students are encouraged to visit the URRBIN website, which is in an early stage of development, to learn more about how the University has developed its focus and expertise in this area.

Contact Dr. Walker or Dr. Peters for more information or Phyllis Baynes for advice on how to apply for graduate studies.