BCS1Thanks to the dedication and hard work of the following 8 module authors and 2 Graduate Student Assistants, the revision process was expedited, with most modules nearly completed and several peer reviewed:

Denmark: Rasmus Ole Rasmussen, Roskilde University

Norway: Stig Skreslet, Bodø University College

Russia: Mikhail Prisyazhniy, Yakutsk State University; Vladimir Ryazanskiy, Yakutsk State University; Vyacheslav Shadrin, Council of Yukaghir Elders and Institute of the Indigenous Peoples, Yakutsk

Canada: Sarah Wright, Awasis Education Inc., Northwest Territories; John Jacobs, Memorial University of Newfoundland; Alec Aitken, University of Saskatchewan

Graduate Student Assistants: Emmy Neuls and Georgia Geronta, University of Saskatchewan

The workshop approach enabled authors to collaborate on content and use their expertise where it was most relevant. “When you work on an international basis, it is much more complex and time-consuming to get collaboration,” said former Science Coordinator Tuula Thomlinson, leader of the Core Courses Revision Project. Bringing the authors together was both effective and efficient, and feedback on the collaborative workshop approach was very positive. Through professional sharing of both academic and indigenous knowledge of each author’s country and people, these courses will be more relevant and helpful throughout the Circumpolar World.

The success of the workshop was also thanks to Jim Basinger, Acting Associate Vice President Research, University of Saskatchewan; past Dean of the UArctic Office of Undergraduate Studies Greg Poelzer; and new Dean Hayley Hesseln. Their leadership and direction enabled us to pilot this innovative curriculum approach.