AC-NORWAY_Small'I'm quite pleased that we've agreed to create a climate centre in Greenland where climate change is literally going on outside the front door. The prerequisite for meeting these changes is of course that research will be improved,' said Denmark's science minister, Mr. Helge Sander.

The Greenlandic minister of research, Mr. Tommy Marø, hopes that the center will be a helping hand to all Arctic communities as well as the world as a whole.

'The climate centre will ensure that information collected in Greenland will also help the local community. In the long run, the climate centre will affect the Greenlandic discussion about establishing science programmes in Greenland - but that will only come up about in the next phase,' said Mr. Marø.

The Centre for Climate Research will be located in Nuuk as part of Greenland's Institute of Natural Resources and the University of Greenland. A director will be hired, as well as a professor and a number of researchers connected to Greenlandic, Danish or foreign institutions.

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