Nikolas SellheimPrior to taking a year leave to study in Rovaniemi, Nikolas studied Scandinavian Studies at Humboldt University, in Berlin Germany, where he gained an understanding of the Scandinavian Arctic, especially in relation to the Saami and northern politics. However it’s been since his arrival in Finnish Lapland that Nikolas’s true excitement for the North has developed. Nikolas notes that his studies have deepened his understanding and appreciation for the Arctic much more, thanks largely to his interesting courses and first-hand information from researchers.
The town of Rovaniemi has also proven to be a wise choice for Nikolas. Located just below the Arctic Circle, Rovaniemi offers Arctic Studies students not only a wonderful natural environment to explore, but also a town that has been at the forefront of Arctic research and cooperation.
Nikolas Sellheim 2‘My passion is the cold, the darkness and the winter. So, being here in Rovaniemi is just wonderful…the beautiful atmospheric displays such as halos and northern lights as well as beautiful colours in the sky by dusk or dawn. The low population and the natural surroundings make Rovaniemi a very nice place to study’.
Since his arrival, Nikolas has decided to expand his program of study beyond the Arctic Studies Program, and has enrolled as a Bachelor of Circumpolar Studies (BCS) student at Bodø University in Norway. Nikolas plans to finish his Scandinavian Studies degree while completing the BCS components online. Following his undergraduate studies, Nikolas plans studying a Master's degree in Arctic Studies. Nikolas admits that his BCS and Arctic Studies Program studies have been a very positive experience, since the amount of knowledge he’s gained about the Arctic has been outstanding. Nikolas explains that his enthusiasm and fascination for the Arctic is something he kindly shares with others:
Nikolas Sellheim 3‘The Arctic is a fascinating area in this world and I am very grateful that UArctic actually exists and that it offers the Circumpolar Studies! When I tell people I study Circumpolar Studies they always ask: “