The Arctic Conference Days 2007 will feature three major conferences: ICAM V, an international conference on Arctic margins; AGREE II, the triennial NGF conference on arctic resources and environment; and SEST, the first conference on Shelf edge and shoreline trajectories.
The three conferences have a common focus on the "Northern areas". A number of international experts will present the latest results from their work. This will be a unique opportunity to acquire new knowledge and develop international networks.
Here are some of the featured presentations:
Ashton Embry: Six impossible Sequence Boundaries before breakfast
Yngve Kristoffersen: Amerasian Basin – Just a Hole in the Ground, or What?
Oleg. I. Suprunenko: Oil and Gas Resources of the Russian Arctic Shelf – Present Day Condition and the Prospective for Development
Maria Jensen: Shoreline Trajectories on a Glacially Influenced Stable Margin
Jonathan Bujak: The Azolla Story: implications for Eocene super-greenhouse to icehouse change and the deposition of potentially Arctic-wide petroleum source rocks
The deadline for reduced conference fee for the Arctic Conference Days is coming up now. Register at before 20.6. if you want to save 1000 NOK.
The preliminary program for the Arctic Conference Days is also available on the event's website.
For more information, please contact  the Geological Society of Norway, Gunn Haukdal, +47-73904468,