The Centre d'études nordiques (CEN) at Université Laval, Quebec, Canada, announced a new partnership with northern Native communities in order to create a network of Arctic research stations which will allow scientists to better study the eastern part of the Canadian North.
The network, called Qaujisarvik, comprises eight research stations located in northern Quebec, Nunavik and Nunavut. The northernmost station, located on Ward Hunt Island, near Ellesmere Island, is often used as a point of departure for expeditions to the North Pole.
With Qaujisarvik, the CEN hopes to be able to make observations on all aspects of the nordic environment, from the effects of climate change and pollution to the Arctic fauna and flora.
Important funding from the Canada Foundation for Innovation will be used to renovate and add to the stations' facilities. Four of the stations will be owned by Inuit stakeholders.
For more information, read this article by the Canadian Press (in French).