The theme for the conference, organized jointly by Finnmark University College, UArctic and the Norwegian State Housing Bank, was Building Capacity for Sustainable Places in the Circumpolar North.
Through plenary and parallel sessions, panel discussions and workshops, participants had the opportunity to hear about examples of successful regional development in northern areas, as well as to discuss more theoretical aspects of the main theme.
Among presenters were many representatives of UArctic member institutions,  including  Joe Garcea, Political Science Professor at the University of Saskatchewan,  Sami University College vice-rector Kristine Nystad and Gail Fondahl, Associate Professor at the University of Northern British Columbia. UArctic President Lars Kullerud also attended the conference and took part in a workshop on higher education in the North as well as in a panel debate.
The UArctic Thematic Network on Local and Regional Development in the North, led by Finnmark University College's Tor Gjertsen, played a key role in the conference, as the event was an opportunity to hold a Thematic Network workshop on Northern Governance and Development. Many of the subjects discussed at the conference, such as the development of Indigenous Regions lie the newly formed Avjovarri. were also of particular interest to the Thematic Network.
Photos (from top): Kristine Nystad, Vice-Rector, Sami University College, Lars Kullerud, President, UArctic and Gail Fondahl, Associate Professor, UNBC.