An endorsed IPY project, APECS represents undergraduate and graduate as well as postdoctoral students and starting professor with a wide range of scientific expertise and interests including glaciology, geology, anthropology, sociology, atmospheric science, oceanography, polar biology, culture and heritage studies, linguistics, space studies, biogeochemistry and paleontology, among other fields.
Tapping into the momentum surrounding the IPY, APECS's goal is to unite early career resarchers in a network that ensures the development of international and interdisciplinary collaborations that will last well beyond the IPY.
Membership is open to all early career scientists in natural and social sciences of Polar Regions. Senior scientists are also encouraged to register as mentors for the organization.
An interactive website has been established to serve as the main point of contact for APECS members at . Registrations can be done on the website, which also features discussion forums for members and space to post job openings and events.
For more information, visit the website or email