105,2955The National Snow and Ice Data Center acts as a coordination office for IPYDIS to ensure the long-term preservation of broad, interdisciplinary, and non-expert access to IPY data. Another coordination office focused on near-real time and operational data streams is based at the Norwegian Meteorological Institute. Other national and international coordination offices are also being established.

The IPYDIS website, which includes a discussion forum, help desk, and other resources, is available here.

The IPYDIS seeks to actively engage and support the arctic community. Advice, critique, and support of IPYDIS by arctic researchers are welcome and encouraged. IPY project coordinators are requested to provide IPYDIS with a data management point of contact and information about data archiving arrangements. This is essential to identifying IPY data repositories and other IPYDIS participants.

For further information, please contact:
Mark A. Parsons
Phone: 303-492-2359