240,3089Camilla’s work will take her to Amherst, Massachusetts USA, where she will be joining the Scandinavian Seminar Group office. However, travelling is nothing new for Camilla, who has a profound interest and belonging to far away places. This interest for travel is not exclusive to the Poles, but also other areas that are sparsely inhabited and rarely visited. Camilla’s interest in travel started as a young child, when she became fascinated by Chile’s most southerly part, Tierra del Fuego, and also for Greenland. Understanding the possibility to use her interest in geography, Camilla decided to study her Masters Degree in Earth Sciences at Stockholm University.
After finishing school in Stockholm, Camilla started an extensive travelling period to large parts of Africa and the Middle East. The work conducted in these places had no relevance to Academia but gave her a very solid ground to stand on for the rest of her life, and also gave her a deep understanding and appreciation for new cultures.
By this time, Camilla’s interest in geography had grown even more profound. The opportunity to work and travel in Chile became available when Camilla was granted a PhD position at Uppsala University. During these years, Camilla worked as a guide in Torres del Paine and Los Glaciares, for Swedish small tourist groups. Before finishing her PhD studies, Camilla was offered to get involved in the International Polar Year. The offer proved hard to resist, and Camilla worked for over two years as an IPY Outreach and Communication Coordinator both for the Swedish IPY Committee, as well as the IPY international office in Cambridge. It was through IPY the UArctic was first introduced to Camilla, who quickly became acquainted with the UArctic’s different programs in her daily IPY work.
59,3084Camilla is excited to start her work with the Catalogue. The catalogue project involves developing a tool for UArctic programs and members to market and display their northern relevant study opportunity. The catalogue will link to already exisiting online electronic material, updating the information automatically every 24 hours based on the information provided on the web-site of institution that does the teaching.
To work and live abroad for an extended period of time has been a goal for Camilla since starting her university studies. According to Camilla, “this chance to work on an international project and move to the United S