The conference theme is: Melting Boundaries: Accomplishing Effective Research in the Circumpolar World, and will address human and environmental research from an interdisciplinary perspective. The objective of the conference will be to bring emerging scholars together to gain a broader understanding of research and experiences that span geographic, scientific, cultural and political boundaries.

The University of Saskatchewan is a member institution of ACUNS and the University of the Arctic, and has a strong focus in northern research including, a nationally recognized Toxicology Centre and the Northern Ecosystem Toxicology Initiative; the National Hydrology Research Institute; the only research group for arctic parasitology; one of only four veterinary colleges in Canada; the Headquarters for the Canadian Cooperative Wildlife Health Centre; and a newly appointed Canada Research Chair in Aboriginal Health.

The conference will coincide with the International Polar Year and the University of Saskatchewan’s centenary. We are excited to provide this opportunity for students engaged in northern research to network, exchange ideas and broaden their understanding of northern research being conducted in Canada and around the world.

Registration details and a call for papers and posters will be forthcoming. Please visit the following websites for additional information: ACUNS (, the University of Saskatchewan ( and the University of the Arctic (

A copy of the press release can also be found here.

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