Who can apply for north2north?

North2north is the mobility program of the University of the Arctic. The students from the north2north institutions in USA, Canada, Iceland, Greenland, the Faroe Islands, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden can apply for a mobility at another north2north institution abroad. Intra-Kingdom of Denmark mobility is also possible. The students should contact the north2north coordinator at their home institution to ask how to participate in the north2north program.


Who can apply for a north2north scholarship?

The Nordic countries that are funding the north2north program are Kingdom of Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. Canada is also funding north2north.  There is no funding in USA and Iceland. However, the students from these countries have the possibility to apply for north2north scholarships according to the table below.

CANADA ✔ From USA and Iceland
DENMARK*, GREENLAND AND THE FAROE ISLANDS ✔ From USA, Canada, Nordic countries and Scotland
NORWAY ✔ From USA, Canada and Scotland
FINLAND ✔ From USA and Canada

*NB: Danish institutions can only offer tuition fee waivers for students if there is a bilateral agreement between the student's home and host institutions. Check that there is a bilateral agreement, otherwise students have to pay a tuition fee.


Scholarship amount:

A north2north scholarship will not cover all expenses for traveling, accommodation and other living costs. Students will need to have additional funding and may have to pay for tuition fees at the host institution. In Finland, Norway, Sweden, Greenland and the Faroe Islands north2north students will not have to pay for a tuition fee.

The amount of scholarship differs from country to country. Contact the north2north coordinator at your home institution to ask about the amount of scholarship, the application procedures and deadlines.



Important information:

by submitting an application for a north2north scholarship, the applicants consents to see some of their personal information (like name, date of birth, and email address) being shared between north2north universities and/or north2north National Agencies in order to assess the applicant’s eligibility for a north2north scholarship.