Northern State Medical University


The Northern State Medical University (NSMU) is the center of the medical education in the North of Russia. In accordance with the Ministry of Healthcare of Russia the NSMU trains medico-social specialists for the 6 regions of the European North. Potential specialists of all possible medical and medico-social professional lines study at 16 Institutes and Faculties. A system of continuing professional training has been established at the NSMU which includes pre-high school teaching in the special medical- biological classes in schools and at the Preparatory Faculty of the University; vocational training at the Medical College of the NSMU: training Doctoral assistant and Medical Nurse; training students in the medical-social field at the faculties of the University; postgraduate training at the Faculty of Advanced Training and Professional Retraining; Advanced Training for the highly qualified doctors: post-graduate course and doctoral degree studies; master program in public health.

Faculty of General Medicine:
Training of Medical Doctors. During their studies, students are to study more than 40 scientific subjects, they have to take 32 exams and write 34 tests. After the graduation and first practical working experience at clinics young doctors can start independent professional activity in the field of medicine they choose, for example, as surgeons, physicians, obstetricians, pathoanatomists, neuropathologists, psychiatrists, otorhinolaryngologists, phthisiologists or managers in the sphere of healthcare.

International Faculty (General Medicine):
Training meets all the requirements of the international standards, including practical work abroad. The programme and curriculum are composed for training General Practitioners responsible for the local population health state. The course is available in English.

Faculty of Dentistry:
Training in a certain professional field at the Departments of Preventive, Operative, Prosthetic Dentistry and Child Dentistry. Preventive Dentistry includes different diseases and methods of teeth treatment and mucous membrane of the oral cavity. Operative Dentistry includes surgical operations on the maxillofacial parts and teeth extraction. During lessons of Prosthetic Dentistry students learn the technology of making different kinds of prosthesis and also some clinical methods of prosthesis when there are teeth row defects, congenital or acquired jaw deformations.

Faculty of Medical Psychology and Social Work:
The graduates of the Faculty learn about the phenomena of the animate and inanimate nature, the main events and tendencies of the historical process, the history of culture, medicine and their main achievements. The graduates apply on practice the modern methods of scientific research, organize certain social-psychological investigations, techniques and methods of personality management. Social Workers: Students study theory, methods and technique of social work: Psychology, Pedagogic, Sociology, medical-social principles of health, healthcare and social work economics and a variety of other subjects.

Faculty of Pharmacy And Medical Biology:
The fields of professional activities are the following: chemist's shops, administrative bodies of pharmaceutical services of different departments, establishments, organizations and enterprises working out and producing, setting standards and controlling of medicaments' quality.

Faculty of Postgraduate Education (Advanced Training and Retraining): Courses of advanced medical training and additional training in different professional fields, general and thematic advanced training, courses of information and practical experience, individual training.

Faculty of Nursing and Medical Management: Training of nursing and management staff for Health institutions.

International School of Public Health: The School is providing the Master program in Public Health. Training is available in English and Russian. School is a member of European association ASPHER since 2007.

Facts and figures

Year Established 1932
Total Number of Staff 1195
Number of Academic Staff 460
Number of Students 9000
Focus Areas

Health and environmental aspects of the health of indigenous and migrant population in the northern territories

Actual problems of the marine and military medicine

Fields of Study Offered Social and behavioural science (broad programmes)
Business and administration (broad programmes)
Health (broad programmes)