I am really happy that I have an opportunity to study at Tampere University thanks to the north2north exchange program. Tampere University provides a lot of opportunities. There is a wide range of interesting courses. As an exchange student, I am able to make my schedule on my own and to choose courses from different faculties. All my teachers are true professionals, and I really enjoy my courses. The learning process here is a little bit different from the learning process at my home university, but I have very interesting assignments which help to broaden my mind. In addition, I like to study foreign languages. Thus, I really appreciate that some of my teachers are native speakers. Moreover, there is a wonderful chance to study Finnish culture and language. I have started to understand northern culture better thanks to special courses and everyday communication with native speakers.

Tampere University also has really good infrastructure for students. All classrooms are well equipped. I like the university library as well – it is the best library I have ever seen. There is a great variety of books, and it offers many spaces for group work and self-education. There is even a silent reading room which is available for studying 24/7.

Tampere is one of the biggest cities in Finland. I have enough time to explore Tampere and I have already recognized that it is one of the most beautiful cities. Here, I feel like home. What is more, there are a lot of museums, parks and other attractions. I have travelled to other Finnish cities too, and I can note that Finland is a very comfortable and safe country.

Participating in the north2north exchange program is a life-changing experience for each and every student. First of all, I have gained a lot of knowledge here. I have improved my linguistic and intercultural skills, especially English speaking and writing skills. Second, I have found a lot of friends for all over the world. Third, I have learned a lot of new things about different cultures, especially, about the northern culture. I am very grateful for such an experience.