Going to study on exchange in Finland was my dream and my goal. I studied in the small town of Kuopio at the Savonia University of Applied Sciences on a “Fashion technology” study program.

On the very first day of my arrival, Finland met me with adventures. I came from a distant cold region of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia). My phone was dead, it was dark and cold outside, and shopping malls were closed. In the end, a stranger took me to my hostel.

Sargylana Moskvitina 5

Finns are very hospitable, kind and sympathetic people, and not only the person who helped me in my desperate situation, but also coordinators, curators and classmates in my studies. They helped me and supported me in everything, for which I am very grateful to them.

Sargylana Moskvitina 2

I really liked the country, its pure nature resembled the nature of my region.  I also liked the calm and moderate life system.

Of course, there were difficulties at the beginning of adaptation to an unfamiliar country and at the initial stage of studying while I was going through completely unfamiliar programs on a computer to develop patterns. Then it gradually became easier and more familiar. All these five months have passed very busy as expected. I met interesting people, learned new skills and abilities in my studies, visited interesting places and museums.

Now I have different perception and worldview. This experience inspired me to improve my English and go further to study abroad. I am very glad that I was able to fulfill my plan and embark on a new goal. I hope everything works out.

I wish good luck, patience and success to all the students who want to go study on an exchange.

Sargylana Moskvitina 4