My name is Julia. And I`d like to share my experience of studying in Tampere. The duration of the exchange program is five months. To my mind, the most difficult thing is to decide and apply for an exchange study. But it's certainly worth it.

At first I was upset that I would be living in Hervanta district, as it is far from the city. However, I`ve really liked Hervanta. Shops, libraries, bus stops, student restaurants are nearby. There is also saunas and gyms. A lot of events take place in Hervanta. Movie evenings and sports events are held here. You can also feel like a child and get into childhood: make snowmen, play snowballs, snow football, skate and sled.  You can play traditional Finnish games such as kyykkä and frunky ball.

Julia Kirilina 3

The student restaurant is very good. The menu contains healthy foods: vegetables, vegetable salads and fruits. Also every day there is meat or fish, large selection of sauces. All dishes are tasty.

If you can't concentrate on your studies at home, there are many places to study in Tampere. For example, the library in Hervanta or in the city center, the excellent Metso library. In the city center campus there are two kinds of places for solitude and for teamwork.

If talking about support, the curator and the tutor are always happy to help. They`re responsive and responsible. Besides, TOAS`s members quickly respond to emails and help solve any problems. Even if you don’t like the apartment, you can always change it in a month.

At the university it`s possible to choose any subjects in the directions that interest you. Educators are really amazing. It`s possible to ask any questions you want. They`re always glad to answer and explain points of interest. Absolutely all teachers assign team work. Telling the truth, I don't really like teamwork. The exception is the Radio Project. We are taught how to work on the radio, how everything works. Invaluable knowledge that can be obtained at Tampere University. There is a special room equipped with all the devices.

Julia Kirilina 2

Tampere has a calm rhythm of life. Wonderful nature: forests, parks and lakes. I`m delighted with the university, the architecture of buildings, nature, churches, museums in Tampere. It`s a wonderful to get acquainted with the culture and nature of the country. For me personally, the opportunity to study in Finland is especially significant. This is a chance to practice speaking English and particularly Finnish, to find yourself and to figure out what I`d really like to do in life. And five months is enough.