"For many years now, I have been interested in the life and culture of European countries, and Finland is no exception. At my home university, Ural Federal University, I study as a student of cross-cultural communication. During my second year of study, I decided that I had to go to an exchange programme to improve my language skills. Without any doubt, I have chosen Finland and Tampere, as Tampere University is one of the most authoritative universities in the world. Moreover, higher education in Finland is also considered one of the best in the world. Based on this, I have chosen the north2north exchange programme to make sure this with my own eyes.

Tampere University has given me the opportunity to choose the courses that I really need. The freedom to create your own schedule is a very convenient thing. The teachers whose courses I took know their subject thoroughly, they are professionals, and this is an undeniable fact. I was convinced in reality that the teaching methods in Finland are more focused on practice rather than on theory. Despite the fact that all lessons were held remotely due to the pandemic, the quality of teaching was the highest. It was always possible to communicate with the teacher, hold discussions with classmates, work in teams and present your projects.

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During the exchange programme, Finland opened up to me from different sides. Firstly, the nature of this northern country is just staggering. I'm one of those few people whose favourite time of year is winter. Believe me, if you love winter and nature and want to live like in a fairy tale every day, you should visit this country. Secondly, there are countless number of open minded and responsive people living here. No one will ever refuse to help you and do not scant on a smile. Thirdly, Finland cares about the environment and this is noticeable at every step. There is very clean and all people are interested in living in comfort. It all made me feel like I was home.

The exchange programme brought me together with wonderful people. They are all from different countries, and each is interesting in its own way. I have improved my language skills not only in the educational area, but also in everyday life. I especially enjoyed communicating with Finns, in particular with my tutor, who revealed and showed me the culture and life in Finland. And even though I had to return home, I know one thing for sure – I will return to this country again, and I hope that today's youth will also be interested in visiting and developing such marvellous northern countries as Finland. Thanks to the north2north for such an invaluable experience."