Elena Khorkova 3

Tampere University is a wonderful place to study. It offers a wide variety of diverse and interesting courses in English which correspond with my field of study, some of them taught by native speakers. All my university teachers are highly professional and have interesting and at times non-conventional approaches towards studying literature and research in general, which has definitely broadened my mind and opened new ways of learning and understanding my subject.

Another thing that impressed me about the university is that it is very modern and excellently equipped for studies, in particular self-education and group work. It has the finest library I have ever seen; there I could find a wide range of books in different languages on my field of study and even very rare examples of books I could not get in my home university. The university library also provides a great opportunity to study Nordic and Finnish literature, mythology and history, which is invaluable when you study a topic connected with the North.

What is more, at the university I have a great opportunity to learn about Finnish culture and society and study the Finnish language which I can practice every day with native speakers. I think this is an excellent way to delve deeper into Finnish and northern culture in general and understand the unique character of the North.

Finland as a country also impressed me a lot. I had a possibility to travel about the country and I can say that it is with good reason that it has been called one of the world's best places to live – people are extremely polite and friendly, cities and towns are comfortable, safe, and clean, and Finnish forests and lakes are no doubt unique and beautiful.

Elena Khorkova 2

Living and studying in Finland have been a life altering experience for me. I have met a lot of interesting people from all over the world and started to better understand different cultures and human relations in general. I have also tried Finnish way of living and learned a lot about Finnish education, people and culture from within. What is more, my northern exchange program has changed my view on life and certain attitudes - I have become more open to everything new, learned how to enjoy simple joys of life, and became even more interested in the North. The mysterious and faraway North has become closer and more familiar to me, but I do not want to stop exploring it.


Published in 2019.