- We, international students, were like a big family –with Sissel as our “mama”. Sissel Klaussen, the «mama», is engaged as an assistant at the International Office, besides her studies, and is working closely with the international students. 

- And guess what! When I arrived in town from the airport late at night - who were there to meet me other than Sissel! We stayed up talking till early morning.

The mountains and the fjord

-Ohhh …. I can hardly believe I’m here again! There is no place like Harstad, Norway! Imagine waking up and see the mountains, and the fjord through the window every morning. It is so beautiful – and free! I had only seen mountains once, in Russia, before I came here. 

The scenery in the area where I grew up, northwest of Moscow, is completely flat. My hometown, Velikiy Ustyug – an old historic town, founded by Ivan the Evil. Today, however, it is more commonly associated as the homestead of Father Frost – the Russian Santa Claus.     

Got student grant

After having completed my one year programme in Advanced Marketing at Harstad University College (HiH) last summer, I went back to Russia to continue my marketing studies at University of Syktyvkar.

When the opportunity arose for to be included in a business placement programme in Harstad, Norway, I was quick to apply. The experience doing my studies in Harstad, has definetively created an interest in coming back, and I did.

Together with three other Russian students, I will spend the next three months here. The exchange programme is a result of a partnership agreement between HiH and university institutions in Murmansk, Russia, and Syktyvkar, Russia. I and one of the other Russian students will have our placement at Destination Harstad – a tourist office.

Quality service

- The focus of our project is quality service, particularly for passengers travelling with the “Hurtigruten” – the Norwegian Coastal Voyage. We want to analyze how it is understood and we have already joined a guided bus trip together with foreign cruise passengers.

The project work serves a dual purpose; on one hand, it will be to te benefit the company, on the other, it will be included as part of our study programme back home, at University of Syktyvkar, in Russia.

Published in 2014.