Olga thinks the beginning of the exchange was well organized and memorable: "I have already been living in Tromso, Norway for two months. This time has flown by so quickly! During the first two weeks, we had orientation events and the level of university preparation that went into meeting the new students was impressive. A number of events were organized for us such as parties, mountain climbing, fishing, horse riding and a pizza party. The most memorable event was a three-day trip to one of the most beautiful places in Norway, the Lofoten islands, and also the event, when international students had to do presentations about their countries."

Alexandra Oparina.jpg
Photo: Alexandra Oparina

Alexandra found her studies extremely interesting, but different than home in Russia: "During my internship the most interesting thing was my study. I was totally impressed with the teaching method of professors at the university. The lectures were so amazing and entertaining that I never felt bored."

Also Vladimir thinks that studies differ from Russian system: "The educational process at the Nord University differs significantly from ours at USTU. During the week there are not so many classes, but students have lots of individual work instead. Teachers are very open and if the student has questions, they are ready to answer them after the lecture. The main difference in the education system, I think, is that all the students work in groups. So you learn to work in a team."

Olga finds more similarities between educational systems, but notices also different features: "I think that the education here is similar to ours at USTU – lectures, seminars and laboratory classes. Here, students get the opportunity to choose the subjects they would like to study, but one has to pay attention to the timetable when choosing, because sometimes different lectures of different subjects are held at the same time."

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Photo: Vladimir Zakusov

Alexandra thinks they have a great system of integrating the international students with other students in UiT: "Each semester the International Office organizes an Introductory program for new international students coming from every corner of the world. This program helps new students to interact and get to know each other. There is a special organization called International Students Union (ISU) that arranges different events such as barbeque, sports competitions, movie nights, international dinners and parties which make life of international student during their stay in Tromsø more fun."

Vladimir experiences the student life through different activities and events: "The Exchange program involves many students from different cultures and peoples. I've already made a lot of friends here. We live as one big family, we always come up with interesting activities, such as hiking, barbecue, we organize evenings, where representatives of each country take turns cooking their meals and treating others. In addition, we take an active part in almost all the activities of the university."

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Photo: Olga Akulova

Olga notices that other students are helpful and easy to approach: "I feel very comfortable among international students. They are always ready to explain something you don't know or just to talk."

Alexandra thinks exchange was an experience worth of doing: "This exchange experience opened my eyes to new culture of different counties and helped me to understand the world from different viewpoints. It was a great chance to meet people from all over the world and make new friends. Living in Norway was definitely a memorable experience of my life. I am very grateful to my university for giving me such an opportunity."

Alexandra Oparina 2.jpg
Photo: Alexandra Oparina


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Published in 2018.