I was always interested to take part in some international exchange programme to see how people study in other countries, to get knowledge and experience that I can’t get at my home university. As Yugra State University is a member of UArctic, last year I had a great possibility to apply for the North2North programme and was admitted to UiT - The Arctic University of Norway in Tromsø at the Faculty of Science and Technology. As my major is Applied Geology I chose such disciplines: Petroleum Geology, Marine Geological Dangers, Advanced Structural Geology, Micro Paleontology, Reconstruction of the Quaternary Paleoclimate.

It was my first trip abroad and I was very excited! So I came to Tromsø, one of the largest northern cities in the world, called the capital of the Polar lights. To my surprise, Norwegians speak more English than their native language, so the Norwegian language courses that I took at the beginning of my study provided me with a vocabulary for communicating with the local population at the domestic level. It was very interesting to watch life in Norway. Norwegian dwellings can be situated at great distances from each other, people there prefer ride bicycles than use cars, like hiking in the mountains. I also was often visiting the mountains there. It was very easy: you hire the necessary equipment and go to the mountain on foot. Nobody gives you any guide, everyone is sure that it is not possible to get lost or die there. The most amazing and unbelievable thing was to observe the Polar lights at minus 5 degrees.

During my study in Norway I visited the oil company Statoil, where the specialists of the enterprise lectured and acquainted us with the work of the enterprise, equipment and specific works. I participated in field geological surveys, identification of the geometry and position of structures and the construction of maps.

At the end of my study I was very grateful to all Norwegian teachers and my group mates that they gave me new knowledge and showed the world from other point of view. I’m sure that my international experience will influence a lot my future career and my life, it will open new horizons! I could see how North is big, how Northern people are friendly, how we are similar and different at the same time.

I wish all students who hesitate to participate in international mobility programmes, don’t be afraid, try and you will see new life, your worldview will change! I only regret that I did not participate in similar programs before (soon is the end of my study). While you are student you should use that great time in maximum: to get new experience, to develop yourself. I hope much that after my graduating I can find a job in an international company and continue to explore the world!

Published in 2018.