The UArctic Field School Calendar is maintained in partnership with APECS, the Association of Polar Early Career Scientists, who maintain a parallel listing.

Listed courses include some kind of field component (field training, field work, excursions) which defines the course as a field school. To submit a course to the UArctic Field School Calendar, or if you have questions related to arranging field schools, please contact

Dates Course Name Location Registration Deadline
17.07.2017 to 21.07.2017 Connaught Summer Institute in Arctic Science: Atmosphere, Cryosphere, and Climate
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Nottawasaga Inn, Alliston, Ontario 29.05.2017
29.05.2017 to 31.08.2017 Summer School on Arctic Cooperation and Cross-Border Expertise
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Tornio, Finland 31.03.2017
31.07.2017 to 05.08.2017 Summer school "The Arctic Ocean and the marginal ice zone"
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Longyearbyen, Svalbard 08.05.2017
10.07.2017 to 23.07.2017 International Summer School “Monitoring and early warnings in biodiversity governance”
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Krasnoyarsk, Russia 28.04.2017
07.08.2017 to 25.08.2017 Arctic Health
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Copenhagen 01.04.2017
31.07.2017 to 12.08.2017 International Permafrost Summer Course
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University of Alaska Fairbanks 30.04.2017
31.07.2017 to 11.08.2017 Shipping in the Arctic
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Longyearbyen, Svalbard 15.04.2017
01.06.2017 to 31.08.2017 Geological mapping summer field camps Western Alps, North Norway, South-west Norway -
06.08.2018 to 25.08.2018 2018 Faroese Summer Institute
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Tórshavn 15.04.2018
09.07.2017 to 21.07.2017 Aktru Summer School “Natural and human environment of Arctic and Alpine areas: relief, soils, permafrost, glaciers, biota and life style of native ethnic groups in a rapidly changing climate”
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Tomsk, Aktru Research Station, Russia 15.06.2017
16.10.2017 to 22.10.2017 Security, Geopolitics, and Governance Challenges in relation to Arctic Extractive Industries
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Nuuk 30.06.2017


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